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Winter Specials

For a limited time only, Save money on our Winter Special Prices for Replacing existing HVAC Units

HV/AC Replacement

Complete Heating and 

Air Condition 

Replacement Units

Start as Low as


Furnace Replacement

Complete Furnace Replacement

Start as Low as


Dual Heat pump

Dual Heat Pump Conversion

Start as Low as 


This option could reduce your heat bill by hundreds

(Applies to updated systems Only)

In comparison with a combustion fuel-fired furnace or standard heat pump alone, this type of system is also economical. Many high-efficiency heat pumps are equipped with a desuperheater, which recovers waste heat from the heat pump's cooling mode and uses it to heat water. A desuperheater-equipped heat pump can heat water 2 to 3 times more efficiently than an ordinary electric water heater. Some models of heat pumps are equipped with variable-speed or dual-speed motors on their indoor fans (blowers), outdoor fans, or both. The variable-speed controls for these fans attempt to keep the air moving at a comfortable velocity, minimizing cool drafts and maximizing electrical savings. Unlike standard compressors that can only operate at full capacity, two-speed compressors allow heat pumps to operate close to the heating or cooling capacity needed at any particular moment. This saves large amounts of electrical energy and reduces compressor wear.

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